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Sunderland Arts Award Portfolios Guidance
Cultural organisations have been working together in recent months to create a set of resources unique to Sunderland, to help schools plan and deliver their Arts Award at Discover and Explore level.

The information in this section gives you a Discover and Explore portfolio template which will be used in the Sunderland Arts Award and an overview about how Arts Award Portfolios work. We hope you find it useful and enjoy using it.

About the Portfolios
Portfolios are the way we record and moderate (except for Discover) each child’s Arts Award journey. There is no right or wrong way to do an Arts Award as long as the children and young people participate in activities for all the sections and record their journey in a portfolio. They can write, draw, doodle, use photos, symbols, collage, animation, audio and DVD.

Arts Advisors are officially trained professionals who lead the children through their Arts Award journey. Advisors can be teachers, learning officers in cultural venues, artists or anyone who has completed the appropriate training. The Arts Advisor can also scribe for young people who need support to capture their ideas, comments and feedback.

You can use some or all of the sheets to build a portfolio for Arts Award Discover or Explore. Each section also includes a blank continuation sheet so you can include more information or personalise the portfolio to suit your Arts Award project. We decided not to number the pages to give as much flexibility as possible but there is a space on each page for one if you wish to include it. Once portfolios are completed, at Explore level and above they need to be sent for moderation. You Arts Advisor can give guidance on this.

You can find out about the Arts Award offer from the different cultural organisations in Sunderland in the Sunderland Arts Award Guide on this website.

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