Events Manager needed for Asunder


To Commission an Events Management company/individual to manage the delivery of wrap around activity for Asunder

Sunday 10th July 2016, Sunderland City Centre


As part of Sunderland’s World War One Commemoration Sunderland Cultural Partnership have co-commissioned Asunder.

Asunder will see award winning film maker Esther Johnson tell a powerful story of the city’s involvement through largely unknown personal experiences. The soundtrack to the film will be scored by two renowned North East bands; Field Music and Warm Digits, who will perform live with Royal Northern Sinfonia.

Guided by esteemed writer, film maker and musician Bob Stanley, the project’s Creative Producer, Asunder will premiere at a major event in Sunderland Empire on 10 July before touring the city and UK at selected venues during the WW1 centenary.

As well as the live performance in the Empire, a ‘wrap around’ programme will see outdoor spaces, buildings and other locations around the city, and in particular the city centre, brought to life on the day with a imagery, happenings, performances, displays and re-enactments.

Sunderland Cultural Partnership

The Asunder Programme Manager is managing, programming and coordinating the event, with Sunderland Cultural Partnership and the creative team.

Description of Service

An Event Provider will organise and manage the site infrastructure, event management and programme delivery as well as key administrative tasks that are required to deliver the wrap around activity for Asunder on the 10th July.

Areas to be included are:

  • Marquees and furniture – including layouts and final plans
  • First Aid including Lost Children Point
  • Event Cover stewards
  • Performers and Exhibitors (Indoor and Outdoor) – in partnership with Programme Manager
  • Street performers/vendors – in partnership with Programme Manager
  • PA/sound system
  • Electrical power
  • Van hire and fuel costs
  • Signage

Associated Tasks

Duties connected with the above requirements include:

  • Event Manager to be available during set-up, event and de-rig and to oversee all contractors, voluntary organisations and indoor/outdoor exhibitors on site
  • To work within the allocated budget and liaise regularly with Asunder programme manager regarding any discrepancies/overspend/queries
  • To work with exhibitors for the event and ensure all insurance  and health and safety processes are met
  • Site Manager/Event Manager to liaise with necessary contractors, performers and exhibitors regarding set up, PA and electrical requirements
  • Event Manager to attend meetings as and when required
  • To provide and manage Event Crew for set-up and de-rig of the event
  • Work with the Asunder programme manager and Sunderland Council to deliver Event Safety Co-ordinator Role
  • Work with Asunder programme manager to complete Event Safety Plan (ESP) and liaise with Multi-Agency Emergency Group (MAEG) when necessary (this will include providing all necessary information and paperwork in relation to the above) and attending the MAEG meeting
  • Work with the Asunder programme manager to manage and commission catering/traders required for the event (this will include ensuring all necessary contracts, PLI’s,  and hygiene certificates, and any other necessary insurance/paperwork is in place prior to the event).
  • Work with the Asunder programme manager with the layout and programming of the activities across the city
  • Work with Asunder programme manager to agree final site plan
  • Provide event management for the 10th July, including staff briefings and ensuring all staff understands their roles
  • Procedures to be produced in relation to lost children, vulnerable adults and first aid and submitted as part of the ESP
  • Site Manager to finalise site plan prior to the event and finalise for inclusion within the ESP
  • Events provider to manage all financial budgetary issues in partnership with Asunder programme manager. Sunderland City Council will have final sign off of all spend, allocation etc
  • The events manager will be responsible for ensuring all relevant signage is in place throughout the site
  • Site Manager/Event Manager to liaise and update regularly with the Asunder programme manager

This area of the programme is part of a wider programme of activity and will be delivered in partnership with the Asunder Programme Manager, Sunderland Heritage Team and Sunderland Cultural Partnership Coordinator and Administrator. Tasks to be completed by the Asunder Programme Manager:

  • Liaison with voluntary and community sector organisations to determine the wrap around activity
  • Co-ordination and delivery of all meetings including voluntary sector, programming and operations and steering group
  • Hold overall management all financial budgetary issues - in conjunction with the successful events provider who will provide regular updates re potential spend, budgeting and invoicing. All spend will require agreement/be signed off by the group
  • All activities in relation to event inside Sunderland Empire
  • All promotional activity for Asunder

Agreed Budget Allocation for Events Provider (TBC)

The fee for this commission will be £4,000 net of VAT. This fee is fully inclusive of all costs (included expenses)  incurred in relation to delivery of the above service.

Timeframe for Commission

To commence from Monday 9th May and until completion of event De-rig and submission of final report

Payment Details:   


1st  Instalment                      60% of agreed fee payable on receipt of invoice


2nd Instalment                      40%on completion of event and upon receipt of final report/De-brief


Contract Arrangements

Please note a contract for service will be issued by Sunderland City Council on behalf of Sunderland Cultural Partnership.

Closing Date for Submissions

The closing date for this commission is Friday 29 April at 5.00pm

Submissions should be emailed to Leila D’aronville

Asunder Project Co-ordinator via email

Please also cc your submission to Janet Robinson –