CAKE 5 ‘Fused creativity in the city’

Creative Fuse North East aims to create new means by which to release unrealised potential within the Creative Economy and broader business communities. Delivered by the 5 regional Universities it intends to equip organisations with new creative confidence and capacity to develop innovation partnerships and ways of working, in order to respond to the challenges that matter to them.

CAKE (collaboration and knowledge exchange) meetings take place every second Thursday of each month, bringing together businesses, academics, freelancers, charities and public sector organisations to hear three short, stimulating presentations or provocations on a theme, followed by networking, and of course, cake. Creativity, digital and IT (CDIT) will be at the heart of discussions, but CAKE will cover any and all topics, and show the multiple ways CDIT impacts upon work and lives.

The next CAKE meeting will take place Thursday 10th November 9 - 11am at the National Glass Centre (

With a cultural strategy already established and new and innovative venues due to open the meeting will discuss a number of activities, projects and approaches that will show how collaboration, enquiry and co-development can lead to ‘fused creativity’. It will also present the opportunity to debate and discuss what it can mean to make a location ‘more creative’, telling a story about working with partners and collaborators to help shape the profile and energy of a location or place. There is also a chance to suggest themes and areas of focus for future CAKE Meetings.

Presenting at the upcoming CAKE meeting will be:

  • Sunderland 10x10 project: Artist Dominic Smith and Deputy Chief Executive of Igloo and Siglion Management Team David Roberts who will discuss their respective experiences of an artist/business collaborative commission that supports a major regeneration development in Sunderland city.
  • Artist Erin Dickson will share her experiences of working across the arts, manufacturing and digital spheres.
  • Matt Briggs senior lecturer of illustration at the University of Sunderland. Matt will talk about his passion for researching new and emerging technologies that can enhance medical education for both patients and healthcare professionals and exploring ways of introducing art based skills into clinical processes.

For further information or to book your place please follow this link: